Europe’s new flagship for the application of artificial intelligence is to be established in southern Germany

The non-profit organizations UnternehmerTUM and Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence plan to join forces

Munich, May 19, 2022. UnternehmerTUM, Europe’s largest center for innovation and start-ups based in Munich, and the Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) in Heilbronn plan to join forces to develop the non-profit appliedAI Initiative into Europe’s leading platform for the responsible application of artificial intelligence (AI). By working together, appliedAI aims to catch up with well-known international institutions such as OpenAI in the USA and thus contribute to Europe’s technological sovereignty. At the same time, the IPAI benefits from the know-how of appliedAI’s AI specialists. The primary goal is to establish a sustainable and responsible approach to AI, focusing on people and their value systems.

UnternehmerTUM and the Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) see AI as a central key technology that – similar to the invention of the steam engine or the internet – ushers in a new economic and technological age. Accordingly, we are currently experiencing a paradigm shift: Instead of classical programming, “learning from data” is coming to the fore, making completely new application areas and innovative interactions with systems possible. The appliedAI initiative was founded in 2017 by UnternehmerTUM with the aim of actively shaping Europe’s innovative power in AI. It serves companies of all sizes, startups, public institutions and academia as a neutral platform to accelerate the application of the latest methods and technologies in the field of AI. At the same time, it discusses the impact of AI on people and the economy and takes into account the great importance of AI via free offers and assistance.

Anchoring AI knowledge broadly
The largest ecosystem for artificial intelligence in Europe is being built at IPAI. This is where companies, applied research and academia, future talent and public sector stakeholders come together to work on AI-based software products and solutions in a synergy-driven way, to network, to educate and to inform. The IPAI emerged from a competitive process of the Ministry of Economics of the State of Baden-Württemberg for the development of the “Innovation Park AI Baden-Württemberg”. The Heilbronn consortium convinced an international jury with its concept and has already been in development since spring 2022. The consortium is made up of the City of Heilbronn, Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn GmbH, KI Management GmbH & Co. KG and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.

The collaboration with appliedAI will help to develop significantly more tailored offers and content in Heilbronn in order to build up more application knowledge in the field of AI across society and business. Direct support for industry is also to be significantly expanded, on the one hand to accompany companies to higher levels of maturity in the application of AI, and on the other hand to build up disruptive, AI-based innovations from within Germany. Hierzu zählen etwa die Erstellung und Verbreitung nützlicher Whitepapers zu KI-Themen, KI-Programme für den Mittelstand, beispielsweise KI-Transfer Plus, oder kostenlose und interaktive Einstiegskurse wie Foundations of AI. The cooperation is currently being reviewed by the tax authorities and antitrust authorities and is subject to approval by the authorities.

A new, southern German AI axis
Andreas Liebl, Managing Director of appliedAI from appliedAI says about the cooperation: Whether in medicine, manufacturing or education: AI can be a blessing! For this reason, Germany and Europe have designed an AI strategy with a global leadership claim. Unfortunately, the reality is that the U.S. and China are in a race against each other when it comes to AI. Large models, hardware,

Software tools and leading AI companies emerge almost exclusively outside Europe. We want to counteract this with the help of our cooperation with the IPAI. Our new, southern German AI axis is a first step that will help preserve European prosperity and our centuries-old values.”

The two institutions UnternehmerTUM and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation already work closely together in promoting entrepreneurship. The long-term vision of the new cooperation is to increase the economic and social impact of appliedAI by a factor of ten.

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appliedAI is an initiative of UnternehmerTUM. Its goal is to shape Europe’s innovative power in AI. It serves companies of all sizes, startups, public institutions and academia as a neutral platform to accelerate the application of the latest methods and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Together with leading technology and industry groups as well as partners from politics and science, appliedAI aims to support companies in the application and design of AI. At the same time, the appliedAI initiative discusses the impact of AI on people and the economy and addresses the enormous importance of AI by providing free offers and assistance. appliedAI is the largest initiative of its kind in Europe with over 50 partners, hundreds of supported companies and over 40,000 training participants.

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