Heilbronn wins the competition for the location of the “Artificial Intelligence Innovation Park

Heilbronn has successfully won the Baden-Württemberg Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Park location competition. The Baden-Württemberg state government decided this at the Council of Ministers meeting on July 27, 2021. They followed the vote of the international jury of experts and also chose Heilbronn as the location. Up to 50 million euros will flow from the budget of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics for the establishment of the KI Baden-Württemberg Innovation Park. The project is to be implemented in a timely manner.

In February 2021, Mayor Harry Mergel, as spokesman for the Heilbronn consortium, and Professor Reinhold Geilsdörfer, Managing Director of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, presented their concept to the international jury of experts. In March 2021, the Heilbronn consortium then submitted its binding overall concept for the competition.

“The decision to locate the Baden-Württemberg Artificial Intelligence Innovation Park in Heilbronn represents a quantum leap for us in our further development as a knowledge city and a strong location for the future,” says Mayor Harry Mergel. “In the future AI Innovation Park Heilbronn, the basis for tomorrow’s life and work will be developed – future made in Baden-Württemberg, future made in Heilbronn. I would like to thank the city council for the rapid creation of the property requirements, Reinhold Geilsdörfer for the cooperative partnership, and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation for supporting the project.”

“The Innovation Park is the ideal complement to the investments made by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation and will contribute enormously to the supraregional visibility of the city but also of the Heilbronn-Franconia region,” explains Reinhold Geilsdörfer. “We are, of course, open to including the other competition participants as well as their ideas and approaches in our concept,” the managing director of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation explains further. Besides Heilbronn, Ulm, Freiburg and the Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Neckar-Alb regions have also applied for the site.

In addition to the state funding of up to 50 million euros, the Heilbronn consortium will contribute at least the same amount of its own funds and an area of at least 15 hectares to the project. In Heilbronn, the “Steinäcker” industrial estate in Neckargartach is earmarked as an area for the KI Baden-Württemberg innovation park. Following the ecosystem idea, the Innovation Park AI Baden-Württemberg in Heilbronn is to attract nationally and internationally established companies, start-ups, research players, specialists and talents in an excellent way. An innovative space for AI innovations “Made in Baden-Württemberg” is to be created by building and providing state-of-the-art space and infrastructure. The park’s construction will also pay particular attention to the issues of climate protection, sustainability and social challenges. In December 2020, the competition process for the site selection for the Innovation Park AI Baden-Württemberg started. The innovation park is intended to sustainably strengthen Baden-Württemberg as a location for AI value creation and give it national and international appeal in the field of artificial intelligence.

The consortium Innovationspark KI Baden-Württemberg /Heilbronn consists of the city of Heilbronn, Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn GmbH, KI Management GmbH & Co. KG and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. Together with several small and large companies, universities, associations and research institutions, including from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, the consortium worked out a powerful concept for the AI Innovation Park.

According to the press release of the city of Heilbronn and the Dieter Schwarz Foundation from 27.07.2021.