Realization of the Innovation Park KI in Heilbronn can start

The Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism of Baden-Württemberg has given the consortium in Heilbronn the green light to start the realization of the Innovation Park KI ahead of schedule. ” About one year after the official start of the competition process for site selection, we are making the project start in Heilbronn possible,” explained Economics Minister Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut. For a project of this magnitude, complex issues relating to state aid and subsidies would have to be clarified, which would take time, she said. The Ministry of Economics had agreed to the consortium’s wish to start the project at its own risk after a thorough legal review.

“We have decided to enable an early start of measures with a so-called clearance certificate. With the Innovation Park AI, we want to give a noticeable economic impulse to overcome the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic. In view of the tough international competition, speed plays a key role in the field of artificial intelligence,” said Hoffmeister-Kraut.

Innovation Park AI as an international flagship project
“As an internationally visible flagship project, the AI Innovation Park is intended to help Baden-Württemberg take a leading role in exploiting the enormous economic potential of ethically responsible AI.” The park should also set standards in terms of climate protection and sustainability, the minister added. The early start of measures now made possible also allows the consortium to begin concrete planning in this context.

“We are pleased that the first formal hurdles have been cleared,” said Prof. Reinhold Geilsdörfer, Managing Director of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. “Now we can start with the implementation. The internal preparations are already in full swing,” explained the spokesman for the Heilbronn consortium, Lord Mayor Harry Mergel.

The newly founded “Die KI-Stiftung Heilbronn gGmbH” will now tackle the central first implementation steps at full speed. These include staffing key positions for the realization of this major project, renting the first office space in Heilbronn’s Wohlgelegen Future Park, as well as invitations to tender for an urban planning competition for the future main site at the Steinäcker industrial estate and for a Green Book to address the issue of sustainability in relation to the KI Innovation Park in a holistic manner.

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