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Baden-Württemberg is setting out to play at the forefront of the world league of artificial intelligence (AI). With IPAI, a center for AI with an international format is being created with start-up funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg. The entire AI value chain is to be mapped in Ipai – from the qualification of specialists and research to the development, application and commercialization of ethically responsible AI.

In the future, a wide variety of companies, start-ups, research and science as well as actors from the public sector will come together in an innovation-promoting ecosystem that is unique in Europe. Based on the IPAI foundations of sustainability, digital responsibility and European sovereignty, research, AI development and entrepreneurial use cases are brought together in close exchange with established partners and networks.

The first building block of the IPAI is currently being built in the Wohlgelegen future park. The first section has been operational since September 2022, and the second section will be completed in mid 2024. In addition, an international campus for AI will be set up in the north of Heilbronn (Steinäcker, Neckargartach district) over the next few years. A planning area of approx. 23 hectares is being redesigned and implemented in sections.

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