Shaping the future of AI together

We want to use the great potential of AI to jointly design safe and future-oriented solutions for the future!

Our vision

The Ipai

Artificial intelligence is the essential future and key technology and enables us to solve the challenges of the coming decades. Only if the German economy creates a leading position in value creation in the field of AI can it maintain its competitiveness and actively shape sustainable and ethical values. This transformation succeeds through cooperation in the ecosystem – through the bundling of resources.

Ipai wants to represent this platform. On site and virtually, we advance value creation in the field of artificial intelligence. By connecting application and transformation partners and creating common use cases. We build the place where ideas can be rethought, tried out and learned in an inspiring environment. With the aim of developing new business ideas and business models through AI solutions.

The main areas of activity unfold along the thematic clusters of production & logistics, trade & distribution, public services and services of general interest as well as life sciences. Based on the Ipai foundations of sustainability, digital responsibility and European sovereignty, research, AI development and entrepreneurial use cases are brought together in close exchange with established partners and networks.

At the same time, we want to give everyone who is interested the opportunity to approach the topic of artificial intelligence and enable everyone to engage with it through various offers.

The growing Ipai ecosystem

Get to know the team

The Ipai Team

Moritz Gräter


Dr. Benjamin Schiller

Finance, Infrastructure, Public Sector

Anna Wacker

Operations, Cooperations, People & Culture
Sophie Heinz

Sophie Heinz

Marketing & Brand
Kai Hartmann

Kai Hartmann

Ipai Campus

Marcel Mehl

Public Sector

Janina Schäfer

Cooperations & Collaborations

Carolin Näckel

Cooperations & Collaborations

Jella Hauptmann

Marketing & Brand

Sophia Roeger

Management Assistance

Max Brummer


Jan Denia

Marketing & Communications

Constanze Zawadzky

Art & Culture

Veronika Prochazka

Cooperations & Collaborations

Nikola Cabarkapa


Oliver Schmidt

Our origin

From the origin we venture a look into the future

The origin: The first idea for an innovation park KI Baden-Württemberg came up in 2018 in the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism Baden-Württemberg. A place where research, experiments and information on all aspects of artificial intelligence can be conducted. A feasibility study by the Ministry of Economics with the involvement of stakeholders and the public then formed the basis for the competition to select the location for the Innovation Park KI Baden-Württemberg of the state of Baden-Württemberg. As a result of the competitive process for site selection, the Council of Ministers approved the implementation of the Innovationspark KI Baden-Württemberg in Heilbronn with funding from the state on July 27, 2021.

Today: As early as 2022, we can create the basis for the establishment of a leading European innovation ecosystem made up of business, science and intermediary players. The city of Heilbronn and the city settlement of Heilbronn make locations available in the Wohlgelegen area. On this Ipai campus, our community can grow and take advantage of the first offers.

2024: From 2024, our community on the “Wohlgelegen” campus will continue to grow. To this end, we are not only expanding the Ipai by an additional 6,000 square meters, but are also expanding our range of funding for applied research and development to include real laboratories and a data center. In addition, a visitor center on the “Wohlgelegen” campus offers the public the opportunity to experience Ipai and AI live and up close.

In the future: From 2026, the new main site and home of our AI innovation ecosystem will be built on the Steinäcker with over 23 hectares. An international campus for artificial intelligence will be created here with, among other things, a real laboratory and data center as well as a visitor and training center. The first plans for the construction project have already started. You can find more information here.

sqm from September 2022
Supporting companies
Mio € Investment
Hectare available area

Sponsored by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism Baden-Württemberg

As an internationally visible center of innovation and value creation, the AI Innovation Park is intended to make an important contribution to ensuring that Baden-Württemberg plays a leading role worldwide in exploiting the enormous economic potential of ethically responsible AI. At the same time, it is intended to set standards for climate protection and sustainability as a major AI flagship project.

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut
Minister of Economics Baden-Württemberg