The Global Home of Human AI

What is probably the most ambitious project for applied artificial intelligence in Europe is currently being built in the north of Heilbronn. A unique, innovation-promoting ecosystem as a platform on which different partners come together to work together on future-relevant AI solutions.

About us

Artificial intelligence is the essential key and future technology and enables us to solve the challenges of the next decades.

In order to put the local economy, Germany and Europe in a position to withstand global competition, we support startups, SMEs, companies, but also the public sector as well as research and science, to rethink AI together and put it into use. IPAI acts as a central platform that centrally bundles necessary resources and enables synergy-driven collaboration between the individual partners.

Our platform

Our vision is big. Becoming the Global Home of Human AI is not a simple motto, but rather a guiding principle and vision. It is also clear that, given current world events, we cannot wait until this vision is 100% realized in the form of the AI Quarter that is currently being built in the north of Heilbronn.

That’s why we’re developing our platform in several stages and have already started operations in 2022. Our first members and partners 
are already working on AI solutions in co-creative and collaborative processes in our first IPAI Space in the Wohlgelegen future park. However, we not only develop, but also learn, network and exchange ideas. In initial formats, we offer suitable offers for a wide range of experience levels to get to know the topic of AI or to deepen 
your knowledge.

Our Community