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Learn, Grow, Inspire

In order to work together on AI-based solutions, to network and to further educate themselves, established companies, actors from science, public institutions but also start-ups come together in the Ipai.

The focus is on jointly developing and profiting from trustworthy AI solutions in order to make Ipai the nucleus for applied artificial intelligence. All this in order to enable companies to quickly build up AI competencies themselves, to secure their own competitiveness and to gain strategic advantages, in addition to groundbreaking and innovative applications.

We develop the ecosystem step by step

Ipai Space

In our first space, we have been offering AI startups, established companies, SMEs, research institutions and public institutions co-working spaces on 1,200 m² since September 2022.

In addition, we organize initial events around the topic of AI for members, partners and interested parties and offer access to events from our ecosystem.

Campus “Wohlgelegen”

Starting in 2024, our community at the Wohlgelegen campus will continue to grow. To this end, we are not only enlarging Ipai by 6,000 additional square meters, but are also expanding our range of services to promote applied research and development to include reallabs.

In addition, a visitor center at the “Wohlgelegen” campus will offer the public the opportunity to experience Ipai and AI live and up close.

Tomorrow starts already today

Want to learn more about AI, build skills, network with other players or become part of the Ipai ecosystem? Then find out more about our current offers here:


AI Ecosystem, Co-Working & Infrastructure

Concentrate on your work in a co-working space or use interactive rooms for exchange? Meet AI specialists and benefit from the community? This is possible in the Ipai Space at Zukunftspark Wohlgelegen.


Events, Workshops & Masterclasses

You want to get to know our community, get educated or discover new inspiration? In our event calendar you will find all current offers!

Inspiration & Experimentation

(Applied) Research and Sandboxes

Your company has big plans? Starting in 2024, our real lab will provide the ideal infrastructure for applied research projects. You don’t want to wait any longer? Then contact us and together we will find the right solution, exchange partners or events as inspiration for you and your project.


Public voices

In our unique Heilbronn ecosystem of companies, educational institutions, research institutions, new talents and start-ups, the development of Ipai is being watched eagerly. But not only that: we have so many unbelievable forward thinkers and doers who are helping to shape things.