Glance at the new planning status of the IPAI Campus

A lot has happened in 2023, and so we would now like to take the opportunity to inform you about the new planning status of the IPAI Campus, which will be built in the north of Heilbronn from the end of 2024 / beginning of 2025. Further background information on the previous and current planning status can also be found at The Global Home of Human AI.

Our Mobility Hub, the “entry gate” to the campus, offers a wide variety of intersections and contact points for mobility offers to reach us in a sustainable and future-oriented manner and to switch to micromobility offers.

The Start-Up Center, also part of the first construction phase, is characterized by its flexible switchability of areas to reflect individual growth. With its open interior and networking spaces for young companies and AI start-ups, it creates opportunities for uncomplicated conversations and promotes networking.

The office buildings have also continued to take shape since the first publication at the end of March 2023. The focus within this space is on creating a productive and inspiring quality of stay to promote creative work and the networking of institutions and teams around the topic of AI. “Living rooms” distributed vertically throughout the building contribute to “chance” encounters and create additional areas for collaboration and cooperation.

One of the central buildings of the IPAI Campus is the restaurant, which now differs greatly from the original visualization. Not only as a place for daily local supplies, but also for culinary delights and gatherings, it should develop appeal beyond the boundaries of the campus. Various restaurants and cafés with a wide range of offerings will be available to the public, visitors and everyone working on campus and will not only impress with their impressive architecture.

The Communication Center, the heart and one of the most iconic buildings of the IPAI Campus, will be a place to experience AI. Be it through permanent and special exhibitions, events, as a place for dialogue or social knowledge transfer. Vertical paths through the building will serve as a kind of adventure journey through the topic of AI at decentralized stations, enabling insights and exchanges and thus serving as a window into the world of artificial intelligence.

In addition to impressive and future-oriented architecture, the IPAI Campus will be a place with a high quality of stay in terms of landscape. Extensive green areas along the historic “Roman Path” invite you to linger and offer a wide range of leisure activities for young and old. In addition, AI can also be experienced in nature and is thought of in a future-oriented manner through biodiversity and sustainability. Areas for testing AI in agriculture round off the holistically planned character of the IPAI Campus.